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HK$910 HK$1,075
This set consists of: 1. Sturia Caviar Oscietra Jasmin 30g x1  Oscietra 魚子醬來自我們獨家生產的 Gueldenstaedtil 鱘魚,將海洋風味和乾果味濃縮成獨特品味的魚子醬。 其堅實的金褐色雞蛋在味蕾下完美滾動,逐漸釋放其細膩的味道。Oscietra 深受鑑賞家們的追捧,是一種廣受歡迎的選擇,在勺子品嚐下令人讚嘆。 Oscietra caviar,...
HK$1,490 HK$1,758
This set consists of: 1. Reserve Loste White Sturgeon Caviar 30g x1 White Sturgeon至少11年成熟期 , 源自北美太平洋,這款魚子醬提供了強烈而引人注目的第一味覺嘗起來帶有淡淡的核桃和奶油味,在味蕾上輕輕消失。 它的大卵 蛋和深黑色使其成為完美的裝飾選擇。 11 years to maturity minimum., Originating from...
HK$1,660 HK$1,960
This set consists of: 1. Reserve Loste Oscietra Sturgeon Caviar 30g x1 Oscietra至少10年成熟期,也稱為俄羅斯鱘魚,生產美味的魚子醬。 完美成熟後,它會顯示出中等大小的卵蛋和吸引人的有光澤。 滿滿的風味濃郁的魚子醬,具有持久的鮮味/牡蠣味,非常適合 真正的魚子醬愛好者。 The Oscietra, 10 years to maturity...

Established in 1988, Ponti Wine Cellars opened its first wine store in the legendary Shui Hing Department Store on Nathan Road. We later extended our online presence with the goal to further enrich our customers' wines shopping experiences.

Until today, we have 6 retails stores in Hong Kong and business presence in Singapore.  

We offer a comprehensive range of TOP QUALITY wines which are source directly from all the key wine producing countries.



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