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Albert Bichot Puligny Montrachet 2021

White Wine

The village was originally called just Puligny until 1879, when the Montrachet section was added in homage to its iconic Grand Cru vineyard, (Le) Montrachet. The origin of these names is the scrubby Mont-Rachet hillside above the village: mont meaning "hill" and rache translating rather less glamorously as either "scab" or "rash".


The communal Puligny-Montrachet appellation covers red wines made from Pinot Noir and white wines made from Chardonnay. However, red wines make up only a tiny fraction of the output and it is the high-quality white wines – regarded by many as the finest possible expression of Chardonnay – that are responsible for Puligny's fame and stellar reputation.


The undeniable success of Chardonnay here is the result of several factors – most of them encompassed by the concept of terroir. The local combination of topography, soil structure and climate gives producers high-quality grapes with which to make their wines.


Despite its global success, Chardonnay as a grape is relatively neutral and it is not considered an aromatic variety. Indeed, it is often dubbed "the winemaker's grape", for it is in the winery that many of its defining characters are amplified or reduced. Made in a variety of styles, Chardonnay wines can show fruit notes that run from citrusy and mineral to exotic and toasty.


At its most basic, Chardonnay produces wines of a light golden hue, with notes of citrus, green apple, blossom and almonds or oatmeal. On the palate, Chardonnay has moderate acidity and moderate alcohol with a medium body.


Climate, as well as viticulture and winemaking, play a major role in the aromas and flavors of the resulting wine.

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