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Wine Decantiere 7-in-1 Aerator

Product Code : A-VB-001-NP-000
Brand : Vagnbys Design & Living
Price : HK$299
Country : Danish design. Made in PRC.
Description :

Designed by Marcus Vagnbys.

Reddot Award 2016

Pourer, Aerator, Filter, Stopper, No drip, Foil or treated cover. 

A highly specialized tool for wine lovers. Decants the wine instantly as you pour from the bottle. A built-in filter protects against wine stone and cork residues. The cap ensures the wine if you want to save it for the next. day. An outer collar conceals the foil and also the thread of bottles with screw cap.

Made of stainless steel, TPR, PP and silicone.

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health.